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Non Geographic Numbers for your Business
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Non-Geographic Numbers {NGN's}

Inbound Services Overview

Our Supplier offers a range of inbound services that reach far beyond the scope of any of other network. To use an inbound service, you will need to have a NGN (Non-Geographic Number), which typically begins with 0800, 0845 or 0870.

New NGN’s can be provided by them, or you may be able to bring an existing NGN allocated by another company over to our supplier's network.

Once you have an NGN, we can provide a host of services all managed at the exchange. You do not need any equipment at your premises to have these services.

Most companies are amazed by how much our supplier can do with inbound numbers, so please call our Inbound Services team to discuss your exact requirements.

Which NGN?

  • 0800 or 0808 numbers are FREE to the caller. You, the receiver, pay for the call

  • 0845 numbers are “Local Rate” (3.66ppm) to the caller. These are the most common way of providing inbound services because there is no additional cost to the caller, and only a nominal cost to you, the receiver

  • 0870 numbers are “National Rate” (6.72ppm) to the caller. These numbers are used by most corporate companies, or those wishing to promote a national image.  In fact, we can pay you “Cash Back” on daytime 0870 calls, which is why some companies use them

  • 0871 numbers are “Fixed National Rate” ( to the caller at all times. These are used by companies to generate a higher level of “Cash Back” on their inbound calls

  • 09xx numbers are “Premium Rate” numbers used to pay for services or simply generate a profit. The cost to the caller and the level of “Cash Back” paid to the receiver varies depending on the exact 09xx number type chosen

  • Basic Numbers are pre-programmed at the exchange, and can only be changed by request

    * Simple call forwarding to a UK Landline Number
    * Time of day forwarding to a pre-defined list of Numbers
    * Inbound call routing using “Press x” voice prompts
    * Geographic Inbound call routing using the callers area to route the call

Gold Numbers

N.B. These prices are a guideline only and will fluctuate depending on the number preferred

  • Most NGN Numbers are “Bronze Numbers”. These numbers are provided with no additional premium number charge

  • More memorable NGN numbers are called “Silver Numbers”. These may end with 4 memorable digits (E.g. 5555, or 1000 or 5656). Silver numbers cost an additional £50 to set-up, plus an additional £50 per month premium number charge

  • Very memorable NGN numbers are called “Gold Numbers”. These may end with 5 or 6 memorable digits (E.g. 555555, or 565656). Gold numbers cost an additional £250 to set-up, plus an additional £250 per month premium number charge

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The more you call The more you save!
The more you call The more you save!
A non-geographic number serves many purposes

It's an absulate must for a growing company, if you move your premises you keep your number.   A non-geographic number can go with you anywhere, right across the country!

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